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horse riding

Mazagon's coastline whilst enjoying stunning sunset

  • Riding Ability Required: none

  • Duration: 1:45 hours

  • Includes: Transportation, 1 drink.


Explore Mazagón’s beautiful stretching coastline by horse back whilst enjoying a stunning sunset.

All equipment can be provided along with a professional guide to ensure riding along the golden sands of the Costa de la
Luz more than meets your expectations.

This trip includes a relaxing drink afterwards.




Columbus ships and museum


  • Duration: 3 hours

  • Extras: Drink included, transportation



The 3rd of august of 1492 Christopher Columbus started his voyage called “Journey of Discovery” from the Port of Palos de la Frontera. “El Muelle de las Carabelas” is a museum dedicated to Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America. The museum is full of costumes, paintings and travel documents, maps, instruments and weapons from the 15th century. The museum also has a lagoon with the exact full size replicas of the 3 ships which Columbus used to his voyage to Americas in 1492. Here is possible to get on board of the caravelles and wander wherever visitors like. We will also visit “El Monasterio de Santa Maria de la Rabida”, where Columbus lived years before of his big voyage to the New World. This monastery was declared a national, historic and artistic monument by Royal Order - February 3rd, 1856. After this cultural trip, we will enjoy of a drink in the bar located by the lagoon at the museum..



Day trip to seville


  • Duration: 8h
  • Extras: Transportation, local guide.

Join us and be mesmerised by the most enchanting streets in Andalusia.

Feel the magic that runs through this vibrant city; discover its history and emblematic traditions.

Enjoy Seville and its historical buildings, unique culture and incredible architecture with a guided day trip.


Soak up the sun and savour the warm weather. Be pleasantly surprised by the delicate scent of the orange blossoms that adorn Seville.

This city has without a doubt everything you would wish for in Spain.


This guided day trip includes:


  • Tour of monuments (2 hours). City centre and its monuments, Plaza de San Pedro y Plaza de España.

  • Parque Maria Luisa (1 hour)

  • Free time (2 hours)  for you to take yourself off, visit the tapas bars and further explore.

  • Barrio de Santa Cruz (1,5 hours)

  • Guadalquivir river tour (1,5 hours) including el Arenal, Triana and Santa Ana.


If you have any questions about these tours



Real Flamenco Experience


  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Extras: Wine tasting, snack after the show, transportation
Flamenco is an art originated in the south of Spain. The handclapping, the sensuality of the dance, the “zapateo” (footwork) and the music will take you to another dimension. Flamenco is a powerful way of expressing pain, sadness and a way of communication that it feels almost hypnotic to those who are watching. An intimate atmosphere and a heart-breaking feeling are some of the experiences that the audience of a flamenco show lives. This 'tablao' will show you a unique traditional improvised flamenco performance that, we are sure, will be an unforgettable experience for you. After the show, the visitors will enjoy a wine tasting in a bodega (wine cellar).


Doñana national park

Doñana is considered one of the most important natural protected areas in Europe. A key crossroads for migratory bird routes between Africa and Europe, it is also the last refuge for many endangered species.
Home of the Iberian Lynx, Imperial eagle and Spur-thighed tortoise, Doñana is unquestionably the natural space with the highest biodiversity in Europe.


Doñana and el rocio classic tour


  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Extras: Fact Sheets, binoculars for every two visitors,
    1 telescope per group, snack.
The trip will start in El Rocio which is a synonym of
history, tradition, culture and faith and where you will find not much has changed for many years - so much so that the streets are still mostly covered in sand, leaving hoof prints rather than tyre marks!

Afterwards, settle in for a 4x4 vehicle visit through Doñana, where a certified guide will show you the astonishing biodiversity and ecosystems of the park in this unique nature guided tour, which emphasises:

  • Ecology
  • Conservation
  • Flora and Fauna (photography alert)
  • Cultural and Historical Highlights


Birdwatching private tour and photography


  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Includes: Field guide and use of their optical instruments, lunch.
This five hour tour by 4x4 vehicle will put you under the guidance of an expert biologist, who will not only take you to the best spots to see the local and seasonal bird life, woodlands, with umbrella pine wood and primary cork oak forest and marshes but will also be able to tell you all about the flora and fauna found in Doñana national park. Ensure you pack your camera.

The wildlife found in the area varies with each season as migrational birds stop off on their long journeys, so if you have any questions on what may be around on the dates of your holiday then please don’t hesitate to contact us prior to booking.


Photo session on the beach

private photo session on the costa de la luz

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Includes: 2 printed photos sized A5CD containing all your photos


Immortalise your holiday with a professional photo session on the beach.

Whether it is a couple or a whole group, our
professional photographer will capture your memories with a spectacular background of the sun, sands and sea of the Costa de la Luz.





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